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WQI presents Review Seminars for the Grade I/II and III/IV/V California Water Distribution Operator Certification Exams.  Seminars cover material found in the "Operational Manuals" published by the Office of Water Programs, CSUS Foundation and the AWWA "Distribution Training Books".  Seminars are designed for personnel who have completed the required CSUS classes for their exam.

The Grade I/II  Seminar is two days in length.  The Grade III/IV/V Seminar is three days in length.  The Seminars consist of an Operations Review, True and False, Multiple Chloice, and Math Section.

The Process Review Section is approximately 100 pages and contains information on:

     Distribution systems                                                    Corrosion
     Storage                                                          Types
     Reservoirs                                                          Prevention
     Piping                                                   Disinfection
        System                                                   Operation & maintenance
        Types                                                   Laws & regulations
        Uses                                                         SDWA
     Valves                                                         Lead & copper rule
        Types                                                  Hydraulics
        Uses                                                  Cross connection

The True and False and Multiple Choice Sections each contain over 500 questions and answers covering distributions.

The Grade I/II Math Review and Formula Section includes over 300 problems with completed solutions.

     Volume problems                                                   Distance problems
     Circular tanks                                                        Velocity
     Rectangular tanks                                                        Distance
     Surface area problems                                                   Chlorine problems
        Circular tanks                                                       Total
        Rectangular tanks                                                       Dosage
     Conversion problems                                                       Residue
        Time                                                   Pounds formula problems
        Length                                                   Tank fill-up problems
        Volume                                                   Tank emptying problems
     Flow problems                                                   Hydrostatic pressure
       Rates                                                   Trenching
       Conversion                                                   Q = (A)(V) 

The Grade III/IV/V Math Review and Formula Section includes over 300 problems with completed solutions.

     Pounds formula problems                                                   Laboratory problems
       Magic                                                       TON
       Other                                                       Composite samples
     Chlorine problems                                                   Pump & power problems
        Total                                                       Horsepower
        Dosage                                                       Kilowatt hours
        Residue                                                        Costs
     Chemical dosage problems                                                   Pump down problems
     Hydrostatic pressure                                                   Pump calibrations

The Seminars will increase your probability of passing.  The Seminars will not replace your hard work and study.

Sixteen "contact training hours" will be issued for the Grade I/II and Grade III/IV/V Seminars, which can be used for License Renewal.

I would appreciate it if you would pass this information on to those in your organization or others that may be interested in the Review Seminars.

If you wish to receive information regarding future Review Seminars please send you email address to

Visit our web site for the latest information on class offering and schedules.

Should you have and questions or desire a Water Treatment Distribuiton Certification Review Seminar to be held in your are or facility, please contact or e-mail me.


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