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WQI presents Review Seminars for the Grade I/II, III, and IV/V California Wastewater Operator Certificzation Exams.  Seminars cover material found in the "Operation Manuals" published by the Office of Water Programs, CSUS Foundation and WEF MOPI 11.  Review Classes are designed for Operators who have completed the required CSUS classes for their exams.

The Seminars are all three days in length.  The Seminars consist of a Process Review, True and False, Multiple Choice and Math Section.  In addition the Grade III and Grade IV/V Seminar contain an Essay Section.

The process Review Section is approximately 100 pages and contains information on:

Preliminary treatment Disinfection

Bar screens

Grit channels

Primary treatment Sludge digestion

Secondary treatment

Activated sludge

Ponds Sludge handling

Trickling filters Sludge disposal

RBC Laboratory procedures

Nitrogen removal

Phosphorus removal

Secondary Clarification California State Regulations

The True and False and Multiple Choice Sections each contain over 500 questions and answers covering wastewater treatment process and operations.

The Grade I/II Math Review and Formula Section includes over 500 problems with completed solutions.

Conversion problems Square clarifier problems

Weir overflow rates

Detention Time

Hydraulic loading

Flow problems
Solids loading

Rates Pound formula problems


Distance problems

Velocity RBC problems

Organic loading

Grit channel problems
Hydraulic loading

Cross sectional areas Volatile & nonvolatile solids

Velocities Activated sludge

Circular clarifier problems
Sludge age

Hydraulic loading

Solids loading
F:M ratio

Detention times Chlorine problems

Weir overflow rates Q = A*V problems

The Grade III and IV/V review and Formula includes over 300 problems with completed solutions.

Pounds formula problems
Activated sludge




Sludge age

Clarifier problems

F:M ratio

Hydraulic loading

Weir loading
Chlorine problems

Solids loading
Laboratory problems

Detention time


Trickling filter problems

Composite samples

RBC problems
Pump and power problems

Volatile and nonvalile solids
Pump down problems

The main difference in the Grade III and Grade IV/V math problems is the degree of difficulty.  The grade III problems require two to three steps to solve while the Grade IV/V problems require three to five steps to solve.

The Grade III and Grade IV/V Review Classes also contain an Essay Section.  The Grade III Essay Section contains 50 essay questions and the Grade IV/V contains 100 essay questions.

The Seminars will increase your probability of passing.  The Seminars will not replace your hard work and study.

Information for the Wastewater Treatment Certification Exam period of October 2000 to April 2001 is given below:

Grade # Exams Pass Pass Ratio, %
1 234 156 67
2 239 122 51
3 232 105 45
4 73 21 29
5 71 32 45

When reviewing the information it is important to remember the # Exams, Pass, and Pass Ratio include Operators who have taken the exam two, three, four, or more times.

Should you have and question or desire a Wastewater Treatmnet Operator Certification Review Seminar to be held in your area or facility please contact or e-mail me.

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